This morning’s yoga class was very challenging – the kind of class where you think, oh shit, this might have been a bad idea. This might have been too much.
In some of the more difficult poses, as my breath quickened and my mind raced to all the other things I could have been doing instead, a thought popped into my head.
Let it come. Let it go.
What was it? I suppose it was discomfort. It was resistance. It was feelings of inadequacy or regret. It was that voice that says, not today, Wendy. Not today.
Let that come in.
Let that go out.
I found myself staying in each pose a bit longer. I found myself not freaking out, not wondering whether the teacher would notice if I snuck out the back door.
I breathed a little slower. My shoulders softened. My heart opened. Those uneasy feelings still came, still burbled somewhere under my collarbone or in the back of my throat. But instead of dwelling in them, instead of attaching to them, I let them wash over me. I let them move through me as though I were made of water.
I think I’ll take that with me through the rest of the day, maybe even the rest of the week. When traffic sucks. When work isn’t going the way I’d like. When my daughter is being difficult. It may not make the challenges any easier, but it might help me get through them with a little less struggle, a little less anxiety. And isn’t that all that matters anyway?
Let it come.
Let it go.